Fry's French Bulldogs

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Fry's French Bulldogs, healthy, happy puppies raised in our home with love and kindness for a great start in life. We think of them as furry family members and feel you should as well.

Our puppies receive quality veterinary care for all their vaccinations, worming and health exams from the time they are born until they go to there new families, usually around 9 weeks old.
All our puppies are AKC registered and available to approved loving homes.

Pricing on our pups start at  $3500.00 to $6500.00  depending on gender, color  and type of AKC registration you want.

We offer both types of AKC registration,

Full AKC registration with breeding rights

or  limited AKC registration without breeding 
rights.   (dog is intended for a pet only)

A deposit amount of $500.00 is required to reserve a puppy.
We are accepting deposits now to reserve a puppy from a future litter.

                                  Visit our puppies page to see who has been bred and availability or contact us if you have questions.                                                                      

                                                               Breeding's for 2021 are as follows:

Please note, reservations by deposit are filling in for these breeding's, if you are interested in a puppy from one the planned breeding's shown below, please contact me for information on how this works.

                                               These dogs have not been bred as of yet, but will be. 
                          Fry's Lil Hard Candy Moment  x  Bubba Trump aka Bubs   Middle of 2021

Possible colors are Black Brindle, Blue, Blue Brindle, Blue Cream, Fawn with Black mask or Cream

                                      1st pick Female - Reserved               1st pick Male - Reserved
                                   2nd pick Female - Reserved            2nd pick Male - Available
                                     3rd pick Female - Available             3rd pick Male - Available


                                  Fry's Little Midori  x  Fry's Sterling Blue Archer  Coming Late in 2021
                                                                           Photos shown below

                                         Possible colors are,   Blue, Blue Brindle and Blue Merle

                                     1st pick Female - Reserved                 1st pick male - Available
                                    2nd pick Female  -   Reserved                 2nd pick Male - Available
                                    3rd pick Female- - Reserved                3rd pick Male - Available