Fry's French Bulldogs

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Payment Options:

>We accept payment through Pay-Pal, however there will be 2.9 % added to the total to cover what pay-pal charges me for the transaction fee.

 > For deposits only, we will accept the following:

 Personal checks or cashiers check.

USPS  Money order


The balance owed must be paid upon pick up or hand delivery in cash.

The puppy of your choice will be held for you once your method of payment clear's. If shipping the 

Puppy must be paid for in full before shipped.  

> Shipping cost are the buyers responsibility and must be paid for in advance.

1st option

> Is for the puppy to fly with a puppy nanny in the cabin of the plane, puppy has to be able to fit under the seat of nanny. This is truly the safest way of air travel for your puppy and what we strongly recommend! Buyer is responsible for the cost of round trip ticket for the puppy nanny & Veterinary Health Certificate. Most airlines will allow you to fly with puppy if they fit under your seat.

2nd option

>Now if you plan to fly in to Las Vegas, NV. to pick up your puppy yourself then the cost for us to deliver puppy to the airport including the airline soft sided crate that fits under seat and Veterinary Health Certificate for the puppy to fly is $160.00 
We are located approximately 100 miles one-way from Las Vegas International Airport.

This amount just helps to cover our cost to take the puppy to the airport, cost of Vet. Cert and the soft sided crate.

3rd option

>Puppy can  always be picked up from my home here in Arizona or we can discuss hand delivery in person to, CA., AZ., NV., UT., NM. 

>We can only ship puppy if age appropriate .

(French Bulldogs & English Bulldogs can no longer fly if over six months old.)


We use United Airlines to fly a puppy by it's self in a climate controlled cabin.

Please note that pup will only be shipped if the weather isnt to hot or to cold for the safety of the puppy.

Please note that once we hand over a puppy to the airline, we are no longer responsible for the puppy.  

Buyer pays for cost of crate, Veterinary health certificate and cost of flight.

Average cost to ship is $350.00 to $400.00 


Above all, we want our puppies to arrive happy and healthy!