Fry's French Bulldogs

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Fry's Peppered Blue Martini

Weight 24 lbs.

Color - Blue Brindle with white chest

Fry's Lil Hard Candy Moment

Color -Black Brindle

Weight - 24 lbs

Sire - Fry's Kodak Moment X Fry's Annie Bowser

Sire is Bubba Trump AKA Bubs

Dam is Fry's Lil Hard Candy Moment

Name - Pinky

Color - Blue Cream

Weight - 24 lbs.

DNA - ay/at d/d e/e S/S

Name - Happy Creek Sweetie Pie -Loved and owned by FFB 

Color - Blue Fawn

Weight - 20 lbs.

Lady Bug

Color - Reverse Blue Brindle

Weight - 23 lbs.

Photo coming soon