Fry's French Bulldogs

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 AKC registered French Bulldog Puppies, we raise blues, solid blacks, fawns, creams, merles, brindles and piebald's.

Shipping available with a puppy nanny ( puppy fly's in cabin with nanny), buyer pays cost. Pups can be picked up from our home or we can discuss delivery to the Phoenix area or Las Vegas, NV.

If you would like to reserve a puppy to guarantee getting one when whelped/born, Deposits of $500.00 will reserve a puppy.
If breeding is not successful, not the gender or color you wanted, deposit can be refunded or moved to a different litter or future breeding if pups are available. (your choice)
Once a puppy has been chosen at 6 weeks, deposit will not be refunded.

Price ranges
from,  $3500.00 to $6500.00 depending on color, gender and AKC registration type.

Limited AKC registration without breeding rights (pet) or 
Full AKC registration with breeding rights.

All our pups come with a One year written health guarantee against life threatening genetic issues. A full copy of this guarantee can be seen by clicking on the Health Guarantee Tab at the top of this page.

                                                                      Reservations by deposit only.
                          If your interested in a puppy please email me at
               You can also text or call me at 928-530-2755 these are the best ways to get ahold of me.
                     If calling and no answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you.
                                                                                       Thank You.




Color Blue & Tan Merle

Weight 22 lbs.

Happy Creek Sweetie Pie


Color Blue Fawn

Weight 20 lbs.

Pups are now 6 weeks old and the choosing process has begun in order of reservation.

1st Pick Male - Reserved Picked - Tan Merle

1st Pick Female - Reserved Picked - Blue & Tan Female

2nd Pick Female - Reserved Picked Audrey - Blue Cream Cryptic Merle

3rd Pick Female - Reserved for Adria G.

4th Pick Female - Reserved for Jennifer

DNA for coat color will be sent in to UCDAVIS at 3 weeks old to verify true color


Fry's Kodak Moment

Color - Blue & Tan

Weight - 28 lbs.

Puppies born May 22nd, 2022

1 blue brindle male, 

1 blue brindle female

1 blue & white pied female (1 blue ear)

Fry's Peppered Blue Martini

Color - Blue Brindle

Weight - 24 lbs.

1st pick female - Reserved for Toby

2nd pick female - Reserved for Adam K.

1st pick male - Available 


Happy Creek Buddy

Color - Black & Tan

Weight - 17 lbs.


Puppies born June 13th, 2022

3 Blue - Males

1 Fawn Sable with Black Mask - Male


Color - Blue Brindle

Weight - 22 lbs

1st pick Male - Reserved Fawn Sable - by Fry's French Bulldogs

2nd Pick Male - Reserved for Ally Moncayo

3rd Pick Male - Available

4th pick Male - Available


Fry's Sterling Blue Archer

Color - Blue Merle

Weight - 26 lbs.

Bred To Candy

Puppies Born June 14th, 2022

1 Blue Merle Male

2 Black Males

1 Black Female

Fry's Lil Hard Candy Moment

Color - Black Brindle

Weight - 24 lbs.

1 Pick Female - Reserved for Alexis Brett

1st Pick Male - Reserved for Sabrina M.

2nd Pick Male - Available

3rd Pick Male - Available


Fry's Sir Guinness of Vegas

Color - Black Trindle

Weight - 22 lbs

Puppies born June 23, 2022

 1 female - Pied (all white except patch on her tail)

1 female - black 

1 male - Cream or fawn - DNA for coat color will be done to verify which.

Fry's Double Shot of Cream aka Pinky

Color - Blue Cream

Weight - 24 lbs

1st pick Female - Reserved for Angie C.

2nd Pick Female - Reserved for Nichole Bradley

1st pick Male - Available