Past Frenchie Puppy Pics Past Frenchie Puppy Pics 204071072 Alex Male, black brindle. Out of Mercury & Tidd Bitt breeding. 204071071 Splash & her new family Splash now lives with Martin Perez and his Lovely wife Viclena. Martin is Pitcher for the Texas Rangers baseball team. Splash is a female pup from Philip's Cooldog Julian x Fry's Tiny Ty Ty 197780176 Lily & her new family 201032041 Chloe Female pup from Secret & Ripley 201032037 Jax & his new family in N. California Jax is a male pup out of Fry's Pebble Webble X Philip's Cooldog Julian (aka Max) 197834577 Stella & her new family in N. California This puppy is out of Philip's Cooldog Julian x Fry's Annie Bowser 196697921 Magic & his new family in Arizona Magic is out of Philip's Cooldog Julian x Tiny Ty Ty Male puppy. 197654270 Patches & her new family in Las Vegas,Nv. This puppy is from Philip's Cooldog Julian x Tiny Ty Ty female. 197654641 Patriot & His new family in AZ. Patriot is 9 weeks old in this photo. 196513306 Dozer, aka King Tutt Dozer, enjoying life with his new family in Bullhead City, AZ. 184581191 Tigress & New Owner Justin in AZ. The perfect pairing ! Dont worry my ears will be up soon. Tigress is out of, GEM'S BLUE SKIES TOMORROW - SIRE AND FRY'S TINY TIDD BITT - DAM pictured at 8 wks old. 185227119 Okie Boo x Tiny puppies 178114147 Okie Boo x Tiny Puppies 178114148 FRY'S TINY TY TY TINY AND ONE OF HER BABIES 178166279 Okie Boo x Tiny puppies 178114149 Okie Boo x Tiny Puppies 178114150 Okie Boo x Tiny Puppies 178114151 Okie boo x Tiny puppies 178114152 Okie Boo x Tiny puppy's 178114153 Tiny & her puppy Tidd Bitt Tiny x Bowser litter 2011 female puppy 180242082 Tinys Puppy's Annie & Tiny Tim They love to cuddle with my husband when he comes home from work. 180242083 Brooke & Tiny Tim My daughter and Tiny Tim 180242084 Tiny Tim This is male pup from the Tiny x Bowser breeding that also produced his full sister's Annie Bowser and Tiny Tidd Bitt 180242085 Tiny Tim & Tiny From left to right: Tiny Tim , and his proud Mama Tiny. 180242086 Tiny Tim 180242087 Tiny Tim 180242088 Batman - Okie Boo Man x Tiny litter Beautiful male pup now lives in Las Vegas, Nv. 180247321 Batman 180247322 Batman 180247323 Tiny Tim, Annie and Tidd Bitt 180247324 Tiny playing with her 2 male pups The pup in blue and his new forever family came to back to visit us and this them playing in pure Frenchie style ! His name is now Mister Q. 180247325 Monster Harris aka Tiny Tim Trick or Treat ! Full litter mate to Annie and Tidd Bitt Adopted by the J. Harris family in AZ. 183154392 Monster Harris Keeping things warm ! 183154393 Monster Harris Sporting his new winter coat ! 183154394 Dozer, (AKA King Tutt) Life's Good ! LIves in Arizona. 184581192 Can You See Me Now ? Dozer, having fun ! Male pup from, Gems Blue Skies Tomorrow -Sire and Fry's Pebble Webble - Dam 2013 litter 184581193 Yep, I'm Comfortable ! Dozer 184581716 Black Betty Gems Blue Skies Tomorrow -Sire and Fry's Annie Bowser - Dam 184582215 Male Puppy Lives in Las Vegas 196462706 Female puppy Lives in Chandler,AZ Lola this puppy is from Okie Boo x Tiny Ty Ty 196462707 Lola & Sister Wynoka 196462708 Wynoka 12 weeks lives in Kingman,AZ 196462709 Phantom lives in Northern California Phantom is out of Okie Boo x Tiny TY TY Male puppy. 196462710 Patriot and his new Family in AZ. This puppy is out of Philip's Cooldog Julian x Fry's Annie Bowser . Male puppy. 196513305 Artimus male pup from Secret & Ripley 201032036 FRY'S CAP'N STITCH Our newest addition to our family. 201032038 Lily A female puppy all white from Secret & Ripley 201032039 My daughter & Lily 201032040 FRY'S CAP'N STITCH 201032042 Brooke and Secret cuddling up 201032043 Simone A female pup from Ripley & Secret 201032044 My husbad with Cap'n Stitch 201032045 Suede Male, Blue Fawn. Out of Stitch & Lucy breeding. 204070989 Jett Female, solid black no brindle. Out of Stitch and Lucy breeding. 204070990 Cupid Male, fawn sable. Out of Stitch and Lucy Breeding. 204070991 Janey Female, solid black no brindle. Out of Stitch and Lucy breeding. 204070992 Sapphire Female blue & Tan 204071073 Sapphire Female blue & tan - 2 wks old 204071074 Cookie & Velvet Cookie - Fawn sable pied female Velvet- Solid Black, no brindle, female 204071075 Jett Solid black female 204071076 Cap'n Stitch & Lucy Loo Loo pups New born litter of five. 2017 2 solid black females, 1 fawn sable male, 1 blue & tan female, 1 Blue fawn male. 204071077 Suede - aka Petey Blue fawn male with his new family. 204071078